A Cheap Dupe for $38 Highlighter?

Hello, Lovely! Today I'd like to share with you my newest favorite product: BH Cosmetics Spotlight highlighter! It is cheap, versatile, and- in my opinion- better than high end brands. First off, it comes in decent packaging that closes with a magnet. I personally like this because it's easy to open, and the top folds … Continue reading A Cheap Dupe for $38 Highlighter?


Honest Review: Silicone Makeup “Sponge”

Hello, Lovely! Today I am going to give you an honest review of one of the most recent makeup trends: the silicone makeup sponge. I will tell you why I am not a fan of the product as it was advertised, but I now use it in my every day makeup routine. I am always … Continue reading Honest Review: Silicone Makeup “Sponge”