Lovely Flowers

Hello, Lovely!

Today where I am, everything is rainy and gray-scale. So I decided to do a cool toned look with a pop of color, inspired by these lovely flowers!

I will be going through a step by step on how to achieve this eye look, as well as giving quick tips on how to make your beauty application easier πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoy! ❀


  1. I started out by using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Milk” as a primer (on the whole lid as well as under eye). Using white as a base will help your shadows stay popping and true to color!
  2. I used this brush to blend the color “Charmed, I’m Sure” into my crease. This color can easily be substituted with any other taupe colored eye shadow πŸ™‚

3. I then used this brush (the one that came with the Urban Decay Naked palette because it’s actually a great brush, and I’m cheap) and I blended this color from the Sephora + Pantone Watercolor palette underneath my eye.

4. I then went in with the same brush, and applied this turquoise colored eye shadow from the previous palette, and covered half the blue, starting from the outside edge of the eye. Doing this will add definition, as well as a pretty gradient effect.

5. To create a contrasting pop of color, I wanted to do a fun yellow wing. I used priming spray to dampen the bristles on this angled brush (that has served its time and needs to be replaced ha). I then dipped the edge of my brush into “Calavera” from Urban Decay’s Full Spectrum palette. It’s important to not cake the pigment onto your brush because it will take away from the precision of you wing.

6. I used the same poor angled brush as before, and with a black NYX Cosmetics gel liner I created a wing.

I will break down my quick, go-to winged eyeliner method for you below πŸ™‚


I start out by creating a straight line, using the natural curve of my waterline to determine which angle to place my wing..


I then fill in the corner by placing my brush at the end of my wing and then bringing the liner down to meet the eyelid. This step is a lot of fun because you can really play with the thickness of the wing and go as dramatic as you want!


I then put my brush towards my inner corner and bring it gently inwards to meet my wing. The absolute BEST wing advice I could give you is to start your lines thin and small. It is very easy to build your liner, but nearly impossible to take away.




7. Lastly, I used the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara- and voile! The look is done!


Thank you so much for reading! ❀ Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day, lovelies!






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