Beautiful Butterfly

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to my (brand new) blog!

I saw this picture of this gorgeous butterfly, and I just had to try and recreate these colors!

This post will give you a step by step tutorial on how to achieve this look. I will also add in some quick tips and brief reviews of the product 🙂

So let’s get right to it!!

  1. I took the colors “Puree” and “Summer Yum” from the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and blended them into my crease with a blending brush. “Puree” was blended all over the crease, and “Summer Yum” was blended into the outer crease to add depth. You can substitute these colors with other warm taupe tone eyeshadows. 🙂

    2. I then used a tapered blending brush to pack the color “Delectable” from the Sweet Peach palette into the outer crease and out corner of the eye. The photo of this on my eye has mysteriously disappeared forever, but you’ll be able to see it in the next step 🙂

    3.  I used a thin, flat brush to pack the color “Punk Heart” by NYX onto the outer edge of my eyelid. Side note: NYX Cosmetics eye pigments are pretty affordable and the quality is GREAT. A little goes a long way, they’re easy to blend, and the color payoff is fabulous!

    4. I used the BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes to Go palette for this step as well as a few of the later steps. I first used the bottom right color, and with the same flat eyeshadow brush, I packed this pigment onto the outer center of my lid. This should overlap the previous color a little bit-but not completely (this is to get that flawless gradient effect). ***Sidenote: These eyeshadows are PHENOMENAL! I am usually not the biggest fan of metallic shades because they have a tendency to have a lot of fall out. These shadows have NO FALL OUT!

    5. Using the same brush, I took “Warning” from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette and packed that pigment onto the middle of my lid, using the same overlapping method that was mentioned in the previous step.

    6. I used the same brush to pack “Goldmine” from the Full Spectrum palette to cover the inner part of the eyelid.

    7. Using the same brush, I lightly brushed “Nectar” from the Sweet Peach palette into my inner corner. This highlights the inner eye area, making you appear more awake (Because we all need help with that sometimes! Especially me!)

    8. Using the top middle color of the BH Cosmetics palette, and a less dense eyeshadow brush, I covered the lower lid with this gorgeous turquoise pigment. I also added an optional extra step. I took the top right pigment of the same palette, and brushed that into the very outer lower lid. This isn’t necessary, but it does add depth.

    9. Lastly, I used an angled brush with NYX gel liner, and made a wing. A step by step on how to easily create a wing is in my last blog post if you’re interested 🙂 I then used Too Faced Better than Sex mascara, and that’s it!



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