L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paint Review

Hello, Lovelies!

Today I am going to be doing a product review that I am VERY excited about!

Let me start off by saying that I am pretty much addicted to lip products, and I buy a lot of pricey lip sticks to achieve what I want. This is why I always love finding drug store products that perform well, and I love sharing those products so we can all sa20170118_195016-01-01ve a little money 🙂

I was SO excited to try the L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paints! The price point is fabulous at $5 a pop. The huge color range includes pretty nudes, deep plums and reds, and even fun blues. The low price point meant that I could buy colors that I normally wouldn’t risk buying from a high end brand- wasting $5 is much better than wasting $30! So I went ahead and bought five different colors in a mix of what I’m comfortable wearing, as well as fun colors I’ve never tried.

I purchased the following colors (pictured in order top to bottom): Spicy Blush, Taupeless, Sangria, Violet Twist, and Domineering Teal.


  1. The packaging is cute, and it represents the color of the lip paints well. I always love that in packaging because it makes finding the lipstick you’re looking for so quick and easy!
  2. The applicator is long, and has a slight indentation for easier application.
  3. The colors for the most part are VERY highly pigmented! I mean the color payoff is GREAT on these! To get perfect coverage in most of the colors, it only required one stroke of the applicator.
  4. They smell so good! It has a really nice fruity scent to it!
  5. These lip paints are SO hydrating! After swatching a few of them on my lips, my lips actually felt better than they did before I put the product on. If you are prone to dry lips and you’re looking for a lip product that won’t worsen it, this is definitely the product for you!
  6. These are pretty long lasting! The gloss will wear off after a few hours, or eating. However, it leaves a really nice stain of the color and still looks gorgeous!

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  1. The colors do have a tendency to bleed because the formula is so thick and glossy. However, I found that using a lip pencil as a base fixes this problem (there’s a work around for most things in make up!)
  2. The darker colors can be a little patchy, but with enough strokes it will even out.

So all in all, this product is great! It is more than worth its price,and I highly recommend this product!


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