Lovely Moth

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s color inspiration is this gorgeous moth! I’m obsessed with the beautiful color gradient of his wings, and his cute little purple tinted fuzzies 🙂 I will be showing you a step by step of how to achieve this look, as well as throwing in some helpful hints that can be used in your every day make up. If you want to know more about how to create this, keep reading! 🙂


  1. Start out by applying a base for your  eye shadow pigments. You can use any primer you want for this step. I always like using the NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk when I’m applying cool colored pigments, because the white base helps keep the pigment true to color.
  2. Next, apply a light turquoise shade from the inner corner to the middle of you lid. Use a small flat brush for this step, and use small patting motions to pack on pigment. The shadow I used is from the Sephora Pantone Watercolor palette.

    3. Take a bright green pigment, and using the same brush and technique, apply this color starting from the outer corner and bringing it into the middle of your lid. I used the shade Hatter from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette. To create a smooth transition between colors, use a sweeping motion to overlap this pigment onto your previous pigment.

    4. To give this cool look some warmth and depth, I used a warm taupe shade underneath the eye on the outer half. I also took an earthy olive green shade and blended that on the inner half of the under eye area. The taupe is from the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, and the olive is from the Sephora Pantone Watercolor palette.

    5. This next step is always my favorite part: the elusive wing! For tips for the perfect wing, please refer to my Lovely Flowers post 🙂 I used an angled eyeliner brush and my NYX Gel Liner and applied a wing. I then took the fluffy brush from the previous step and blended the underneath of the wing. This is fully optional, but I wanted to soften the wing and get a feathered effect.

    6. This step is also optional, but very fun! The moth in the picture has this gorgeous blue/purple hue to its body, and I wanted to copy that. I took a clean angled eyeliner brush and applied two different pigments over top of the gel liner (this also helps set the liner so it becomes smudge proof!) I used a sparkly cobalt blue in the color Super Shock by color pop on the outer half of the wing, and a deep plum shade in the color Uncut by Urban Decay on the inner half.

    7. Finally, add your favorite mascara to complete the look!



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